Sunday, May 26, 2013

logistics of Pepinshire

hello everyone, I really don't want his blog to be about my life. but I do feel the need to let you all know that I am moving all my stuff out of Milwaukee today. It’s great because “ am all that much closer to starting this project. In this post I will try to describe more in detail about what I am planning to do, the logistics of the Pepinshire. so..

I will be building this on the bluff of a hill that over looks the flood plane of a cute small ta mid size river that about 50 yards from the bottom of the hill. It will be north facing mini house that will be placed about half the way up the hill. It a very step hill. 

The mini house is 8' by 14' with loft. 

my plan is to basically excavate, by hand, the soil, fill, or whatever I run into, to make a flat surface. toss most of the earth on the bottom side so I can make a decent size patio. keep the top soil aside till the end of the project cuz my plan is to turn the 8' by 14' mini house into a burn/earth house. I think I have to pore a footing cuz the three buried walls (west, south, east wall) will be constructed of cinderblock the north side wall will be mostly windows. On a side note I am hoping there is a different way to construct the west south and east walls preferably wood not cinderblock?? Ideally I only want the north facing wall visible. I will have a drawing soon 
so... thanks for your time and feedback. 

also I just want to apologize for not writing with proper English and also being the worst at using proper grammar / using grammar at all. I only failed one class in college english 100 and I failed it 3 times. let me just remind all ya’ll that I am not a writer. writing is my biggest fear. i am only doing this in hopes that publicizing this project will create the right opportunity for people to help.  “Pay it Forward”
Thanks again Jesse Hoffman

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