Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm on the Farm!!!!!

Well my family and I made it to the farm. Moving always sucks but I have found out its especially sucks when it's  5 hours away.

 I took a walk down to where I was hoping to build the pepinshire... the trail is filled with springs and black nettles.  which trailing behind me was my wife singing "I'm holding on to black nettles" referring to the song Holding on to Black Metal by My Morning Jacket.  Speaking of my wife, she was left for the weekend to tend to the farm chores.  She had to shovel pig slop over her shoulder, over the fence to the 5 screaming pigs twice a day.  Her first attempt to feed Sid (the llama) was a fail, he spit on her.  So funny!  Feeding the goats is also a humorous sight.  Since she is so short, the goats are able to reach their heads into the feed bucket that she carries around to dump grain in their dishes.  So the goats bombard her and steal the grain from the buckets making it impossible for her to move and escape.  The worst for her however are the chickens.  She is scared to death of the chickens attacking her. So she is constantly yelling for Fen the dog to chase the chickens away!

As for me, I have been prepping their gardens, getting my beer making supplies set up, and now taking over the animal chores.  Our son is having a blast running around seeing, petting, and playing with all the animals.  We have kept very busy with settling in and helping around the farm.  It probably won't be till 21st or so till I brake ground.

I walked the upper ravine which has a lot of potential. manly because it would be a lot less work and more accessible to getting materials with in 10ft of the site instead of having to climb a 100ft steap hill with every peace. But I will be walking down to my original site, because I am really hoping it could be down there where we hunt and fish.

once I pick a spot ill post before picks of the site

as of materials. I scored on ~ 7 full sheets of sheet medal that's 9'-3'
                                            ~ 60 ft of angle iron
                                            ~ a lot of industrial medal 2"-6" for framing
                                            ~ small wood stove
                                            ~ 4 insulated windows 32"-38"
                                            ~ a lot of ceramic floor tiles

till next time:)

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