Wednesday, May 22, 2013

paying it forward

so my wife and i went out to dinner with our friend last night and in my excitement i told our friend about my pepinshire project im starting. I also told her that i started a blog. it was a great to pick because she is a blogger. she was able to give me some insight on why people blog. so she encouraged me to ask myself why am i documenting this event in my life???.. i kinda spent the night pondering that questing. Why im writing, i dont write. writing IS my biggest fear so why am i doing this.... this is a very tough question for me but i came to the conclusion that i am doing this because i want to share that basically i can do this, not by myself but with a little help form my friends. What i mean by that is me Jesse Hoffman a mid educated kid that really struggled throw all my schooling, a kid put in LD classes from 2nd-12th grade labeled with a cognitive disability with a side dish of dislecea, will be able to complete a pretty extravagant project. I am not a architect i'm not a carpenter, I'm not a engineer, i'm not  a plumber, and in short i am not a lot of things. i am a guy that can hopefully can encourage people to help me for no reason other then to build something awesome! i truly believe that we all possess a specific skill set  in our lives. i think my skill set is a ability to create art.  i dont quite think of myself as a artist but more of a problem solver.

i am so intrigued to the philosophy of Paying It Forward (helping out just because)!! i believe that there is enough people in my life that have a broad spectrum of skills that will be able to come together to complete a very extensive project. i even strongly encourage you to be involved to if you want to help in any why and have input i would love to hear from you. seriously even if you want to help me with the actual digging and building, i'm all for it.

i decided to write a in progress mission statement for the Pepinshire:
      within this summer successfully complete a zero carbon mini house that is self sustaining included in this shire will be a small hydro-eletric generator for power and a mulching out house. after completion of the pepinshire ill pay it forward by allowing bicyclist and people who helped me in this project (you) to stay there as a stop on your journey

so thanks for reading and thanks to our friend that we had dinner with last night!!  

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  1. Jesse you're incredible! I will definitely help out in any way I can- besides it will give me an excuse to come visit you and Nadia all the time!!